Menesini has the ability to zero in on the precise qualities of a given moment with the heart-stopping accuracy of a Zen master. With his remarkable talent for le mot juste, he is able to find solace in the burning breast of a menthol cigarette, or the grace in a desiccated turd.
-Jason Price Everett

Menesini's paranoid, scathing, cynical ramblings would unnerve the most stable of souls, yet somehow his most depressed and depraved observations still manage to retain an air of wisdom.
-Adam Reece

John Thomas Menesini is a lyricist turned satirist, a descriptive poet turned Beat, and a protest writer with a strong intimate tone. He is outraged by contemporary mores and makes no bones about it (and maybe takes no prisoners). He uses the body and body parts as a medium for outrage. He has a good wildness.
-James Liddy