Jemeel Moondoc

Jemeel Moondoc is a musician of very specific character. Over the years his unorthodoxies have been the source of puzzlement and occasional debate for some of the music's moldier critics and more doctrine-bound musicians. Unorthodoxies, in fact, are very much part of the American jazz grain, and Moondoc's are deeply rooted in a knowledge of, and profound feeling for his craft. Moondoc's heavily vocalized sound on alto combines the sharp edge of Jackie McLean with a gentleness of tone reminiscent of Joe Henderson. He manipulates timbre as expressively as Albert Ayler. The vivid animation and emotionalism of his playing again recall Ayler, along with another of Black Music's great exponents, the South African musician Dudu Pukwana. Moondoc's rhythmic concept, delivery, and sense of space are completelyunique; his phrases slip and wobble prankishly, forming impossible, oblique shapes while somehow holding to a melodic line. Moondoc is a musical Cubist in every way, with an orientation to both the blues and the cosmos giving everything he does an old-world, future-world, other-world plurality. Moondoc is one of the most singular players in the music, and one of its most eloquent and communicative storytellers. 
Yellow Back Radio Break-Down: Jemeel Moondoc - alto sax, Michael Hafftka - guitar, Feb 2013