Norbert Oldani
Math and Music teacher at Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY. The below compositions are musical interpertations of works by Michael Hafftka.
This post,"A Collage - Faith", is a sound setting of a watercolor, "For this entity is named beginning; ..." by Michael Hafftka. I do not know any Hebrew at all so I thought it best to let the Creative Word speak for itself. There is no material of my own.

All of the material for this collage was taken from the website: Slavic, East European, and Former USSR Resources: National Anthems, Hymns, Patriotic and Folk Songs.

Here is the address of the website itself
The categories were "Jewish" and also "Russian Federation".

Beginning (Faith) by Six Gallery Press
"Bet" is a setting of a watercolor by Michael Hafftka of "Bet" , the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The setting consists of 12 counterpointed heavily tweaked and edited tracks of Native Instruments samples.

Bet MFedit by Six Gallery Press
This is a setting of a watercolor by Michael Hafftka. As I see it: This is the moment of the burst of energy which potentially contains all things at the point of one single Big Bang explosion or at one of the points of an eternally recurring set of explosions after the expansion and contraction that occurred after a preceding explosion. The sound post was built from 16 tracks of which 5 were produced via a Yamaha Motif module and 11 tracks from 5 virtual synths of Reason"s software. All the tracks were improvised and then heavily tweaked,edited and counterpointed via Reason's Record.

Ein Sof by Six Gallery Press
A setting via Kyma X and a DX&E! of Michael Hafftka's photo of his painting "Husband and Wife". Blue means spirit - in this case a unity with a duality within. The music is a simple 2 voice convergence canon with accompaniment and a seamless variation to give a unified two part AB form. Perhaps if Michael had made another painting like this one the man would be sitting down and the woman would be standing up Yes vs. No, + vs. -, etc. This is in 26 tone EDO with a touch of one of it's modes, the Erlich Double Diatonic. The distorted tones are on purpose!

Harpsichord 2 by Six Gallery Press
"MM'' is for "Mh" is a setting of "mem" = "m", the 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It uses Native Instrument and Ilio samples of hums of "m". All improvised for Reason's Record.

Mem by Six Gallery Press
"Noah's Rainbow" is a mixed media drawing by Michael Hafftka. As I understand it , it is the garment of the Shekinah, the female partner of Compassion in the Zohar which is a commentary on the first five books of Moses. This post was constructed from 11 improvised tracks which were heavily tweaked and edited via Reason's Record. The tracks were from several Akai samples, FM synthesis and several virtual synths.

Noah's Rainbow by Six Gallery Press
"Colors 7 - Long Version" is a musical setting of the painting "The Fall" by Michael Hafftka. 7 impro tracks from my Yamaha Motif module via Reason's Record and a lot of tweaking and editing.

The Fall (Colors 7-Long Version) by Six Gallery Press
"Waterfall" is a setting of a photo of Michael Hafftka's work "Waterfall". It was constructed from improvised tracks - 3 from Yamaha's SY77 and 10 from Reason - all then counterpointed via Reason's Record.

WaterFall MH by Six Gallery Press
This is a setting of "Window", an oil painting by Michael Hafftka. The chorus track of human voices was written compositional work and realized via Ilio samples for an Aka i3000i. The 3 tracks of droney stuff was realized via Reason modules. All this was organized via Reason's Record.

Window MH by Six Gallery Press
"Zayin" or "z" is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This work was composed and improvised using Native Instrument and Yamaha Motif samples and also Yamaha FM and Reason voices. It was realized via Reason's Record.

ZZ for MH by Six Gallery Press