Victor Grinenco

Victor Grinenco (Buenos Aires, 1984) Earned a degree in Music Composition at the Argentine Catholic University, Buenos Aires in 2011. He complemented his academic studies with experimentation in composition in real time and free improvisation, electronics and violin.

has written numerous pieces for various instrumental ensembles, most notable are Sul Tango (for Guitar and electronics). Entame (for two Violins, Piano, Laptop and large orchestra), and Subito e Feroce (for Violoncello), which received an honorary prize at the 2009 Eduardo Alemann National Composition Contest. Also Hialitus, Cinque Secuenze allo spirito Santo (for Clarinet), Brief Study Over Silence (for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano) and Isocronia (Electronics).

Victor Grinenco is part of many groups with whom he has performed live in the Buenos Aires experimental music scene. Furthermore, He has been studying and developing new ways for executing the violin, hardingfele (also known as hardanger fiddle) and applying mixed technics, as well as creating and embodying non-conventional instruments.
Coming soon in 2012: Music CD, Dyad, a fretless guitar dialog between two artists, Victor Grinenco and Michael Hafftka