Valerie Kuehne
Cellist, Composer, Curator

Valerie Kuehne is an electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello. Dynamic performer, fearless improviser, songwriter, vocalist, and classically trained connoisseur of Bach and Britten, Valerie can be found playing incessant shows in NYC, where she devotes formidable heart, intellect, creativity, and time to cross-pollinating sundry genres. Armed with finesse, Valerie is impressively present on stage, rendering poignant punctuations of changeable emotional weather. In any setting, her instrument aches with human implications and fiendish alien fuel.
-Lizzy McDaniel (poet, phrenologist)

The Supercoda - music for the raw, honest, adventurous

zolagothika - Valerie Kuehne on SoundCloud

Dream Zoo - performance video

Mythological Chaos - coming soon with Six Gallery Records