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Elctroacoustic Microtonal Music
Upcoming book by Jurica Jelic, 2012


This book is an attempt to share my ideas and techniques that I have been using in processes of creating my music and sound art. Musical world sailed into 21st centuries harbor, with lots of options and ideas. All the experimental ideas and laborious processes from last century are just few clicks away. Home studios gave an ability to create music with very little cost and time. Indeed we live in times of mass production of music and art in general. Still with those things in mind, people are getting stuck in a way. Thousands if not millions of people are using the same plugins, patches, codes, so a lot of experimental sound out there is not experimental anymore. And in my opinion creating random noise cant be really classified as music. I firmly believe, that the future of music lies within new methods and ideas when it comes to instrument design, tuning and rhythm. Also we need to be careful, not to get trapped by the future. Too much electronics and computer music is limiting as much as using 300-year-old instruments. Basically this book is going to deal with electroacoustic music that has been composed in other tuning systems, polyrhytmic structures and with combination of classical instruments and computer generated sounds... I try to explain the concept behind my pieces, scores, ways of designing sounds, different tunings and history of it all. I truly hope that someone out there will find this book inspiring, not to copy my ideas, but to think of other ways of composing and pushing the envelope...